Building Emergencies

The Goulburn Club’s Building Emergency Procedures

Because the GoulburnClub has no permanent staff and is staffed by volunteers who operate the club on an ad-hoc basis, it is not possible to designate permanent wardens.Therefore the most senior volunteer or casual employee will take on the duties of the Chief Warden in the event of an Emergency. Consequently ALL Volunteers must be familiar with these Emergency Procedures.

Summary of Instruction applicable in Case of Fire
The Chief Fire Warden (red hat) will assign duties to Deputy Wardens(yellow hat) to include:
  • Sound the Alarm verbally in the event the automatic fire alarm system does not work
  • Call 000 (Police and Fire) to report name, location, description of emergency.
  • If trained, use fire extinguishers to aid in evacuation and to confine the area of the fire.
  • Remove victims in the immediate area of the fire.
  • Ensure every area/room including bathrooms, have been checked and cleared.
  • Confine fire and smoke by closing doors and windows in vicinity of fire.
  • Direct persons to assigned exits and the Assembly Point (Fountain in Park).
  • Ensure area is completely evacuated.
  • Check all persons at Assembly Point and identify missing persons if possible. Note that in most cases the people within the building will be customers, and their exact numbers and identities will not be known
  • Report missing person(s) presumed to be in the building to Police/Fire Services.
  • Remain at Assembly Point until further instruction from Police/Fire Services