Friday 16th September

Dress to Kill

Find out what is on at Spyfest : spyfestgoulburn.com.au

The Goulburn Club is set to celebrate everything espionage and intrigue with a night of songs and skits  from local entertainers.

Listen to all those songs from the movies and TV series – Austin Powers, James Bond,Get Smart, Pink Panther, Mission Impossible, Spy kids. Songs of intrigue, murder and mayhem. Get involved in the atmosphere of spy theatricals and trivia quizzes.

Time to break out your favourite James Bond, Maxwell Smart or Pussy Galore outfit and strut your stuff.

We’re not sure what to expect because it it all a bit hush, hush!

But you will be able to test your knowledge at fun trivia quizzes that will be run by the trivia master himself, Tom Sebo, with prizes to be won for the teams who can divulge the most secrets of spy related facts and figures.

To be involved as a performer or guest enquire at the Club anytime during opening hours or contact music@goulburnclub.com.au

proposed program for the night:
~  7.00pm GRUB
                Fizz & Grizz
~  7.40pm Trivia Quiz #1 –Tom Sebo
                Follow The Lieder #1
~  8.20 pm Rocky Hillbillies
                 John Webb
~  9.10pm Trivia Quiz #2 – Tom Sebo (& door prize)
                 Follow The Lieder#2
~  9.50pm Dead Set 
~ 10.10pm Trivia Quiz #3 – Tom Sebo (& fancy dress prize)
                 Follow The Lieder #3
~ 11.00pm The Remakes
~ 11.20pm Final Trivia results & prizes
~ 11.30pm The CRAW
12 midnight bar & Club closes