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Club Organisation

The Goulburn Club’s functioning is overseen by a Board appointed by the club membership annually at its Annual General Meeting.

The Goulburn Club Board 2016-2017:

President:                Ron McLaughlin

Vice President:        Ian Aldridge

Secretary:               Anna McCormack

Treasurer:               Elly Spark

Mary Booth, Rhys Howitt, Stephen (Griz) Kitchener.

Goulburn Club Constitution

The Constitution adopted by the Club on 29/11/12 can be downloaded here:

Goulburn Club Constitution

Policy: Unacceptable Behaviour

Download the Club’s policy on  management and reporting of unacceptable behaviour here:

Management and Reporting of Unacceptable Behaviour

Goulburn Club Bylaws

All persons, whether members or guests, whilst on the Club premises shall comply with the requirements of the Liquor Act, the Registered Clubs Act, the Club’s Constitution and the Club Bylaws.Download the Club’s Bylaws here:

Goulburn Club Bylaws

2016 AGM Information

Financial Statements